Beginner course with full Mentorship


The Forex Lanes’s Online beginner course has been designed anybody for more vocational approach to finance and trading. Based on online, students will learn about basic of forex trading and different financial markets and how they are traded, as well as the practicalities of trading from a fundamental or technical perspective.

The programme looks at a day in the life of a trader, examining both fundamental and technical analysis and evaluation of macroeconomic data. We also discuss trading psychology and investigate the huge effects this can have on trading performance. Students will be given a  demo trading account to practise their new skills under our team of experienced traders and mentors.

FOREX LANES is a trusted educator in financial markets and trading.


1 year

From £5000.00

ASAP (after successful registration)

Course objectives:

  • What is forex
  • History of Forex
  • Price action
  • Currency pairs
  • Cross currency pairs
  • Currency pair quotation
  • Liquidity
  •  Margin
  • Leverage
  • Pip
  • Lot size
  • Entry/Exit
  • Profit and Loss
  • Price action
  • Reading price chart
  • Understanding Trend/sideways
  • Trader Physiology
  • Technical indicator
  • How to attach with financial and economic news.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for all FOREX LANES’S Courses

  • A completed and signed application form
  • A copy of your passport / proof of ID / Birth Certificate
  • A scanned copy of a recent passport-sized colour photograph
  • Proof of education qualifications (if any)
  • Proof of English proficiency, if required

Note: All documents are to be provided in English. Where documents are not in English, you will also need to provide a certified translation of any such documents.